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Đầu nối cáp | Cable Entry Systems

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Cable Entry Systems For Pre-Assembled Cables

The cable entry panel system is a split system that solves problems like introducing pre-assembled cables into enclosures, for example. Larger plugs can also be introduced into enclosures without difficulty. Various systems are available. All systems are designed to work with 16 or 24-pole connectors for the standard cut-out size for Harting and Wieland.

Cable Entry Systems For Cables Without Plugs

The cable entry plate system represents a real alternative to cable fittings. Cables can be installed in seconds flat using this system. That represents enormous savings potential, both during panel installation and insertion and feed-through of the cable. Versions are available in plastic, aluminium or stainless steel.

Accessories For Cable Entry Systems And Plates

Blanking plate with different properties for closing non-used cut-outs. Adapter plate to reduced 24-pin cut-outs to 16-pin cut-outs. Adapter plates and floor sheeting for control cabinets from various manufacturers. Easy-to-handle EMC discharge plates for cable entry systems.

Strain Relief / Cable Fixing Plate

Strain relief options in various variations and models. To screw on, snap in or press on. In plastic or metal. Cable ties are used to provide simple strain relief to cables of all kinds.

Cable Fitting

Cable fittings in various versions. In plastic and metal. For EMC applications and for explosive areas. Multi-inserts make the fittings even more versatile. With metric, Pg and NPT threads.


In the accessories are you will find lock nuts, dummy plugs, thread reducers, thread expanders, O-rings, angle bracket, conduit clamps, spiral strips, fixing rivers, cable ties, screw and adhesive holders and cable tie bars.

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