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Corrosion Resistant Fan | Quạt Và Máy Thổi Khí

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Corrosion Resistant Fan/Blower

Belt Driven Type

Exceptionally Corrosion-resistant, high performing and highly functional, TEXEL FRP fans/blowers are the dependable choice for exhaust and ventilation applications in various factories, labs universites, and sewage/raw sewage treatment plants. Choose from our wide selection of corrosion resistant FRP fans/blowers for any applications.

FRPP Central Discharge Sirocco Fan

CES Type 

  1. Standardized central discharge
  2. Enhanced maintenance
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance
  4. Identical circular flange ducts

FRP Type Sirocco Fan

NSF Model 

  1. FRP casing
  2. Integral FRP impeller
  3. Wider capacity range
  4. Improved ease of use

Medium Pressure FRPP Central Discharge Turbo Fan

CTF Model 

  1. Standardized central turbo fan discharge
  2. Enhanced maintenance
  3. Short order and delivery time
  4. Excellent corrosion resistance

FRP Turbo Fan

FTF-III Model 

  1. Greatly enhanced performance
  2. Wider capacity range
  3. FRP mold
  4. Enhanced maintenance

FRP Turbo Blower

FTB Model 

  1. Oil lubricated bearing system
  2. Wide selection
  3. Special safety features
  4. Superb corrosion resistance

FRP Double Impeller Blower


  1. The cantilever construction can be installed just like a normal ventilator.
  2. Rather than using two separate blowers connected serially, this blower will save space and simplify the piping layout.
  3. Only 1 soundproofing unit is required
  4. Direct connection means no belt adjustment is necessary

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